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In a wake of the COVID-19 hit the UK soil, we have had our club committee online conference call deciding on the way of action that should be responsibly taken by the club.
With regrets and heavy heart, based on the advice from the Government, NHS, Volleyball England and London Volleyball Association, we have decided on the following action with immediate effect:
As of from today 17th March 2020, all Bexley Volleyball Club activities have been cancelled until further notice.
We will keep you updated and keep on monitoring the Coronavirus situation as it unfolds.
Stay safe and healthy, protect your world and the others.
Val Grisenkov
Bexley VC Development Officer and Coach

Standings: Besty Boys 1 are currently the top of their division

Besty Boys 1 have won 5 out of their last 7 matches topping the division with 17 points, only 1 point ahead of the second team, team Spikers. Nevertheless this is a great achievement by the bexley lot and hope to continue having such success in the future games. A thank you too to our sponsors for supporting us all the way.

We hope everyone has a festive time with their friends and family as well as well needed rest and relaxation! Merry Christmas to all and wishing a happy a new year, see you all in 2020.

Our first training will be back indoors on Friday 3rd January 7:30pm at Thomas Tallis school.

Division 1 Match: Besty Boys 1 vs Malory Golden Eagles

Besty Boys 1 have pocketed another win, this time against one of very well and longest established clubs in London, Malory Golden Eagles.
Malory started well pulling out lead by winning first two sets by marginally 21:18 and 22:20 in sets 1 and 2 accordingly. But Besty Boys kept their focus on the game delivery knowing that this game would need to be turned around in to 5 set match hence it was also limited by time (usual practice in London halls getting booked for minimum 2hrs, so with 20min warm-up the rest of it is a play time of 1hr 40min). Third set Boys have started with significant lead and managed to dominate the fame on court attacking from all possible angles, never forgetting that good attack always starts from the very first line of defence. And have to say, they mastered it very well with strong line of our specialist Blockers: Captain Lewis Howel, Pasha Grisenkovs (Middles), Ghena Coroi, Juris Solovjevs and Stoyko Stanchev as Outside players, our very special Setter Kosta Petkov and his Opposite Mario Stanchev his absolute miracles through their defensive position, and not forgetting our very best Libero Chandra Pun sweeping anything else what still got through the first defence line. As result, third set finished 21:14 taken by Besty Boys. Forth set, Boys were seemingly dominating in every part of court establishing full control in the Middle section of net, and enjoyed earning points from opposition mistakes, making sure we minimise them on our side. The tandem of Kosta & Mario in Opposite, endless defensive shield from Pasha and Lewis and pipe attack from Ghena have dealt confidently with pulling strong win in this set. 21:14.
Fifth set started little scrappy allowing the Eagles to pull away with 4:0 lead, but this time (fortunately for Besty Boys) it wasn’t theirs to take as Boys have found that missing oomph drive and turned the game to complete it their way as 2hr time slot ran out at solid score 11:4.
Great solid 3:2 win gents! Well proud of our team showing high spirit, drive and absolute determination .
Go Bexley!!!


Division 1 Match: Besty Boys 1 vs K.S. Osemka
Match Breakdown

Besty Boys 1, our last year successors through the Division 2 competition in the London League, have had a little bumpy start in their very first game of Division 1 this season. Nonetheless, they have shown very strong play in a really tense game against last season’s Premier Division team ULU. But it wasn’t ours to take as ULU players time and time again were managing to get back in the lead that sadly resulted in their 3:0 win. 
Boys really got their heads down with training as we were facing a challenge playing against NW London based team K.S. Osemka that have a reputation of being a very capable and hard to play against team. To spice up the topping, a week before our fixture Osemka have won their 2nd tour Knockout stage of NVL Cup match against Essex Blaze team that plays in NVL Super League. So, there was loads at stake, and Osemka came victorious after their 5-sets match against them.
So, our Besty Boys 1 have had no illusion that this one was going to be a tough one. After a weeks long intense training, we hosted this Mega game.
The boys started well establishing their dominance in both, attack and defensive play. To great surprise Osemka could not do much to stop our big hits from Ghena Coroi and Dainius Cepas hitting through the Outside and pipe positions, where Mario Stanchev was hammering the ball from Opposite/pipe positions, Pasha Grisenkovs and Lewis Howel dominating in the middle section on the net, precision set passing from Kosta Petkov, finishing with Chandra Pun lifting up most of the attack/defence balls in the back court as Libero.
Second set was rolling with a mixture of improved performance from Osemka and disputable decisions from game Officials, but keeping calm and focused on the team work awarded us a very convincing 21:13 win in our second set.
But a strong statement never goes unnoticed, and Osemka started to bring more variety to their game making our life harder and almost equalising towards the end of set 3, which made things really heated on court. But our Besty Boys stood strong, and victory was ours this time around. 3:0 final result of the game proved our full dominance in such an intense match. But it was an absolute joy to all of us, and we hope Osemka enjoyed the game too.


Our very new and very best Division 2 Besty Boys 2 team continues to enjoy their success in the London League divisional competition. It is perhaps still too early in the season to make early calls, but nonetheless, 2 wins out of 2 games played gives a hothead start for the season. We really hope that this success continues throughout the rest of the season.

Really good to see how last season guys bond well with our new players and delivering consistent performance on court. Most importantly, we hope you guys enjoy playing together.

Let us wish you the best of luck for the season!


Awards for the Team victory
Ghenady Coroi receives the Golden Mikasa Ball

Medals and awards presentation took place for the two home games played in our home venue at Beths Grammar School last Saturday. Players that won last (and our very first) year’s Division 2 group tournament resulting in getting promoted to the Division 1 London League, gathered together to celebrate this great achievement. This season, the lads have formed two teams in Divisions 1 and 2 that allowed the club to register a brand new team into a very competitive London League.
Having looked back to last season it is great to see a steady development in our club with new players joining us.
What these guys do for our club is amazing and to acknowledge this growing strength we are happy to work our hardest to provide the extra training and improving facilities.
Last season’s BEST PLAYER special award GOLDEN MIKASA BALL went to Ghenady Coroi! His tremendous contribution with scoring most of the points during the games, ability to perform at top quality in game and support the team on and off court made it indisputable for us to award him with the Golden Ball Award.
Well done and Big THANKS Ghena!


This was a memorable moment back in 2013 for our BIG AND VERY SPECIAL Mario Stanchev. Among the team of winners of the Bulgarian Championship.
We’re sure that was a very special moment for young Mario back then. And feel delighted and privileged in having him in our Div1 team steaming full on through the London League Division 1 group with his and our team's first big win in the pocket.


Division 2 match: Besty Boys 2 vs Good Times
Division 1 match: Besty Boys 1 vs K.S. Osemka Men

A well played and well deserved 2 wins for Besty boys 2 in their Div2 match followed by the massive win against the strong K.S. Osemka oppostion from Ealing for our Besty Boys 1 Div1 team. Congrats to all and special thanks to our sponsors and partners, the difference is starting to show. 

Division 1 match: Bexley Besty Boys Div1 vs ULU men
Thanks for all your support people. Yesterday Sunday 29th September Div1 team have played a very close match against last season’s Premier Division team with 3:0 win to ULU. Our Boys looked much stronger in the attack and variety of play. But we have to give credit to the opposition as they managed to adjust their play, recycled the ball and kept on coming, improvising on their game. We explored our new options too, and had head to head scores in every set, but the win wasn't ours to take despite we having a real good opportunity there. After game it was really cool to have people come thank us for the good match, saying kind words about our quality players (and believe it or not, they praised our strong TEAM PLAY). That's a hell of a lot of achievement in my opinion!!! Well done Besty Boys.

Division 2 match: Bexley Besty Boys Div2 vs Thunderball 

Our Bexley Division 2 boys won their first game of the season! Let's hope this continues on to the next match, Congrats on the win!

Our first Division 2 game of the season will be played on the 23rd September away at City of Westminster College at 7pm. Come and support the boys' first game if you can!

Update: Different training time and venue for Saturdays. Training will take place at Beths Grammar School from 14:00 to 16:00. Monday training will remain at Townley for the time being.

Our first training of the season is taking place this Saturday (7/09/19) 18:00-20:00, then followed by Mondays 19:30 till 21:00/21:30 (TBC).

The Venue is Townley Grammar School, Townley Road, Bexleyheath, Kent, Da6 7AB.

Bexley won in divisional group in the London league last season promoting them to division 1 for the next season.